The Author’s Note Prior To Writing The Series:


Thank you, society, for encouraging me to produce this discordant discourse on the origins of your present day beliefs. I might’ve much preferred to live in a cave, like those happy fools did prior to when the subsequent, impulsive conversations are supposed to have begun. However, you demanded, with the wayward manifesto of a Mafioso, that I become a “big boy,” a taker, like you. Thank you, for preventing me from ever knowing what kinds of altruistic contributions I might’ve made had you not provoked me so persistently.

If Bertrand Russell were alive today, I would thank him for writing The History Of Western Philosophy, which will serve as my guide.

To the diligent historian, if you might discover this collection of garbage, which I am about to amass – I ask that you forgive me in advance for time traveling from pile to pile; some items will certainly be misplaced or blended together. It is not my intention to obscure history – but to reveal the enigmatic ancestry of an individual’s personality and beliefs.

Irrelevant Discourse With An Immortal Nobody will be written as a duologue, and I do not intend it to be absurdist nor deliberate in tone. I know that I suggested some “intention” in the above paragraph, but I meant nothing by it. The “Immortal Nobody” is immortal for no deliberate reason – and will have spoken exchanges with random, historically irrelevant people starting from the days of Ancient Greece  – for no deliberate reason. The “Immortal Nobody” is not intended to represent me – nor bear likeness to me in present day society whatsoever.

Society, again, Thank You, and if you don’t end up enjoying Irrelevant Discourse With An Immortal Nobody, then you are welcome to kiss my ass. That being said, hopefully, we will all find it interesting enough to forgo such a backbreaking and demeaning exchange.

Call me “lazy,” call me “human,” but don’t call me if you are looking for answers, and please do not call me a Cynic until you have listened to our Immortal Nobody shoot the shit through the Classical Period.


Christo Clochard L


51 thoughts on “The Author’s Note Prior To Writing The Series:”

  1. An intriguing introduction to say the least!

  2. You really can introduce yourself!

  3. Interesting introduction. Thanks for liking my post.

  4. Your talent is universal success.

  5. I have commitment issues. I think I look around a bit before I take the bait.

  6. when might we … may we … when will the series be completed?

  7. will it be illustrated?

  8. if you are not a cynic … are you perhaps then jaded?

    • I am a bit of a cynic by the modern definition. My point is that Cynicism … as a school of thought … didn’t have the same connotation that it does now. I don’t think it did anyway.

  9. I’m messing w/ you CCL — I don’t hop around too much but occasionally come across a site that seems pretty cool. You seem a sharp / amusing guy & I look fwd to seeing what you do. – tim

  10. I’m reading, now …

  11. Ok back. Why Christo if an unbeliever? Or are such believers basically vagrant transients – Christo Clochard? … & then there’s the “L” … what the “L” is that for? I got questions, man.

  12. Thank you for the ‘likes’ — you may discern … I’m a spiritual man, Chris 🙂

    • I’m just a stupid bridge. Try not to get offended. If there is a point to any of this … it’s that we shouldn’t be so easily offended.

      • Haven’t even read the next comment yet as I ‘gots’ to speak to this. If your motive is to offend in a belittling manner – you may succeed but highly doubtful. If you’re honest, sincere … go for it. Simply – you aren’t going to offend me if you’re aimed at finding / demonstrating truth. W/ that said — it’s your yard anyway. If I’m offended … I need to get off your grass. 🙂

      • Well put.

        My point is not to offend but to break down fences. There is no greater example of a ridiculous human being than yours truly. Well, that may be over-stated just a little.

      • you’re in luck – I got no fences. My shortcoming is in hopping them. I’m sure I got you beat on the fallible human thing. Genuinely – I’m good w/ the ‘you-being-you- thing so no caveats needed, honestly. I’m interested in anything you wish to share. You’ll just have to trust me when I say I’m open.

      • I’m a bit hesitant to share too much with one individual. If you’ve found something that works, then I don’t want to mess anyone up …

        Now … if you are going around telling children that they are born evil and will burn in hell for their sins … I might not use the same discretion.

      • check email.

  13. I appreciate it. You’re asking me to explain myself … and that may be a bit like trying to explain why I stepped in dog mess this morning. The best I can offer you is retrospective analysis …

    CCL are my given initials. It’s nice to be able to sign CCL and have it still stand for my “real name” … I keep that last initial “L,” because it’s amusingly pretentious.

    Well, Christ was sort of a vagrant wasn’t he?

    Isn’t Christo an appropriate choice for someone analyzing their former beliefs?

    I think I’m amused by how we give value to names … Christo Clochard L … sounds like it might be important (perhaps to an American), because it’s French. To someone who speaks French … I’m sure it sounds ridiculous.

  14. I’m not really asking you to explain yourself as much as just speak. Whatever you share may or may not be great revelation about who you are — but as you share – who you are will be revealed. That sounded cool — like it meant something significant. Yea – Christ was a vagrant. Certainly itinerant. I’m captivated … “former beliefs”. You need not pour out a treatise on your progression of faith but admittedly, I would be fascinated to hear your tale. I’m guessing pain did some pushing.

  15. Not going to lie. Read your “About” three times. Will drop by when I have unlimited internet to read some posts because now I’m intrigued. Thanks for dropping by “Honey.”

  16. Yes, you are and thank you! 🙂

    Your blog is a treasure trove. You have made me grin from ear to ear and given me pause to ponder this evening 🙂

  17. westseventhfreelance said:

    I was feeling depressed (I know; boohoo). Now I am giggling. Well done! Thanks for visiting my post.

  18. That picture…is fantastic.

  19. Hello Chris : )

    Great introduction and pics! I very much enjoy your wit, sense of humor and creativity.

    As a fan of philosophy, laughter and animal gifs, am very thrilled to have found your blog.

  20. dental eggs said:

    I love your eye. I mean, I like your other one as well but the one that has an attitude. That one.

  21. lesrainbows said:

    You’re interesting.

  22. You’ve got some crazy stuff here!

  23. I’m going to come back to this to make sense of what you’re saying because this is one of the most interesting and intelligent websites I’ve come across. In cinematic terms, it’s a bit like the interface between Andrey Tarkovski, Bela Tarr, Luis Bunuel and early Stanley Kubrick. Excellent stuff.
    On a far more prosaic level, I’m glad you like “In search of unusual destinations”, which, sadly, is a blog with far more modest aspirations than yours. Phil.

  24. They say ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result’.
    I think that little bird who pecks the owl on the head is insane, he keeps doing it over and over … every damned time I go back he’s still doing it …

  25. See~!?!?
    He’s just done it again! Twice!

  26. Really interesting blog you’ve got going here. Keep writing!

  27. I may have read this before, but I see you mention Bertrand Russell. I’m not a skeptic, but I recommend him (and Wm. James) when people ask for readable philosophers.

  28. Mr. Nobody, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I’m not sure if you’re into these award-things or not. Either way, I drug you into this.

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