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Sorry (to all of those who give a portion of a poop) for neglecting the whims of my dear prick, Christop.

Saturday, the 13th, we found the perfect home for Hedy … oh, wait, I mean DAISY. That’s right. The new fam named her DAISY. Supposedly the father fought to keep my homage to the beautiful & mysterious Hedy Lamarr, but he was completely over-ruled by his 3 daughters.

Daisy. Well, I guess Daisy Duck did have a bit of mysteriousness about her, too, and I am comforted knowing that Daisy the friendly pitbull will get some much needed press in front of suburban soccer fams. 


Hedy “Daisy” Lamarr


She pumped life into my black, dead heart for a while and withdrawal from her has been debilitating.







Hopefully this time around will be a little easier on this soulless wreck of a human being, but I am highly skeptical.

Say hello to Fay Wray. 

photo (5)

Fay “?” Wray