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I know how hard it is to make friends. Some even say I’ve become a misanthropic hermit. This, of course, is not true.

You see, once I found out what a crock of poop Christianity and the god stories were … I began to feel that I owed it to humanity to stop associating with it in traditional ways until it flushed god down the toilet with the rest of its wasted energy. I know that may sound counterintuitive AND counterproductive if you’re still a Christian. For that reason … I would like to introduce a few of my most loyal followers …

Humanity777 The Church Of Christ

FullOfRose Inspirationals Christian Inspirational Photography & Poetry

John Lilley Youth Pastor, Blogger, Husband, Friend

These folks need your help.

No matter who you are – no matter what your beliefs – PLEASE reach out to them and help them find their way.

Let them know you think they’re special.

Let them know you think they are pieces of poop.

JUST let them KNOW.

Because, I KNOW that obscurity is more painful than the fires of hell.

Humbly, Sharingly, Thoughtfully, Lovingly, Stinkishly, Poopishly,