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“Language. Language language. Language, language language language language.  Language language language; language, language language language language.”

-Me, Circa 10 AM EST, April 2, 2013


“Shpellnep. Shpellnep garpole. Pandari, shpellnep garople calastina fatusti. Parchook blankey dabolla; teestabolanay, frelltoole mangella fandar chapiro.”

-Me, Circa 10:30 AM EST, April 2, 2013 (It took 1/2 hour to translate one sentence, but I think it’s fairly accurate.)

Does this quote resonate with anyone else?

Please try to comment in gibberish. If you do not speak gibberish, then feel free to comment in any other language.

A complete tangent: Do you  know anyone who worships the Trinity?

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Another complete tangent: Has anyone read this book?



I recommend devoting your entire life to it.