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DISCLAIMER: I abhor the self-help industry, I offer no testimonials and I’m insane. 

Most human beings are stricken with existential angst & despair.

I suspect this is the result of unfairness.

The world is unfair.  Whether we have too much or too little, our human brains demand equality on earth whether we are conscious of this demand or not.

The world we live in was made by humans. And, it was not made by or for all humans. It was made by and for privileged humans — the rest of which are expected to find some way to get paid and afford a watch.

clock smashed(1)The world, that is, more specifically, existence and society, is an antiquated, broken master clock.  The gears move. The hands move. It makes noises in a somewhat predictable manner. But, it’s a man made clock which is not keeping accurate time. Most people attempt to get synchronized with it and accept that it is a mere fact of life that one MUST adjust their personal devices frequently in order to match its capricious tendencies. 

I believe that we will one day replace the master clock (with ??? not going there in this post), but in the meantime we must decide if we can stand the time. If we decide to stand the time, we have too strong a desire to see humanity succeed and refuse to match our watches to that capricious clicking prick — then, we need SOMETHING to bring us peace of mind. This, I suspect, is where many turn to god.

But, I have another suggestion 🙂

Flip those letters around and think about what we’ve got … d … o … g! Yes!!!

runningwdogsLooking for some cognitive harmony so you can fight for a better world without losing your mind? Get a dog. We are SO fortunate on earth to have another species which are our PERFECT companions. 

You cannot, however, expect a dog to be your perfect companion on its own. If you are driven by pity, as you may so desperately want some other creature to have for you — a dog will only encourage chaos and leave you less in control than you were.

littledogfaceA dog needs for you to be its master in order to be happy if it is not being trained for a specific job. It needs for you to be in control. If you are not then it will attempt to lead you. Knowing how STRESSFUL it is for a human being to lead another human being, I’m sure you can imagine how stressful this would be for a dog without a job 🙂

So, don’t get a dog and expect it to fill your existential void UNLESS you are prepared to learn dog psychology (incredibly easy to grasp) and train that creature to worship you and listen to your every command. Hmm … kind of sounds like what “god” expects of us??



























DISCLAIMER #2: You will probably not get the true benefit of a loving dog if you believe in a god. The absence of belief in god improves the connection.