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If you’re a thinking human being, this question has probably crossed your mind, too.

Well, I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of, and in fact, I suggest that you ask it more often.


“Listen, you prick. I have no problem cutting your head off. Well, maybe, I would die before I got the whole thing off with THIS knife. But, I would happily stab you right in the chest, you little lazy bitch. Are you afraid to die, HUH? Yeah, WELL make the best of this day, because IF YOU DON’T … you’re going to have to answer for it again tomorrow. Oh, what? Life is pointless? Did you say that AGAIN? If you don’t CREATE A POINT … then, I am going to KILL YOU.”

Everyone is different. But, it helps me to look at this banner:

If you do not have balls & would like me to write an inspirational banner specific to your own genitalia, then I am at your service for 50 american dollars per word. HERE TO HELP!!!!