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“If god didn’t intend for us to jump to conclusions, then why did he invent the leap of faith???” – Me, Today, Circa 9:20am EST

Long_jump copy

WOAH! This guy is jumping OVER conclusion! Nice!!

Did You Know HITLER was a vegetarian???


Just stumbled upon THIS ARTICLE. And, NEEDLESS TO SAY, I am now frightened for myself AND for … mankind? Greeks? Gays?Shiver me timbers, I REALLY need to examine myself before some large group of people gets eradicated!!!




OHH SHIT!!! SHIT! SHIT!!! SHIT!!! This meme just popped up on my screen, and I SWEAR I had pop-up blocking active. A MESSAGE FROM GOD!!!!!?





This day is not starting off very well, oh boy, now I’ve got so much to figure out.