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Sorry to bait & switch you, but … no, it’s not.

Is this the conclusion that the majority of us have come to?

Have we surrendered our minds so fully to the will of greedy, atypical human beings — that we ACTUALLY believe this to be true??

Have we been sold so completely that we have suffocated our own instincts?

“What is the point of it all?”

socrates-statue-221x300If society were designed by and for typical human beings, we would not be compelled to ask this question at all.

You don’t think this is true? You think human beings are inherently bad? WHY? Are YOU BAD? Why are you bad? What did you do wrong? Have you ever done anything “bad” which could not be attributed to either cultural misdirection or neglect?

Adam-nEveIf you think you need “god” to behave like a decent human being … then, I’m calling you out right now. BULLSHIT.

You are good. Human Beings are good. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

If we spread this message …


The “Point” would be all around us … do you wonder “why you are here” while you are caring for another human being? If so … then your mind has been corrupted by god.


(Ok, so maybe most old people are aggravating. There’s no way around that. But, we still have to help them until they die. We can’t blame them … they were conditioned to blab about pointless shit.)

Yes, I said: if you are wondering “why you are here,” then your mind has been corrupted by god. If you cannot feel connection with other human beings, then it’s not the “lack of god” which has done this to you … it’s the prevalence of the notion of god in our society. It’s the prevalence of this lie that there is no point without god … There is NO POINT to LIFE without a good relationship with an INVISIBLE SOMETHING WHICH WE HAVE ARGUED FOR CENTURIES TRYING TO DEFINE???? Yeah … that adds up. No, it doesn’t, but as human beings, we are inherently bad at math. We express ourselves with images and sounds … metaphors. Things which are slightly ambiguous resonate with most of us … a predisposition which is easily exploited.

God doesn’t benefit everyone.


(Wow, that’s beautiful. Where are all the poor children? At recess???)

God is just a stick that our masters have been throwing us since the rise of civilization — the life of a dog seems pointless when lived as a human being.