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And, GRIDLOCK is the least of the concerns for those in the Los Angeles area AND THE WORLD for that matter. 101-traffic Because now that God has GRACED us with TANGIBLE PROOF of His existence  … all are left wondering … will there be MORE where that came from? And, where did it come from? What does God EAT?

An anonymous onlooker stated, “Now I KNOW God is a dude. A female couldn’t take a crap that big, even if she were an omnipotent God. Just sayin’.” seed-of-truce-04

But, not everyone is having such a casual reaction.


Some are falling ill.


Some see this as the long awaited proof they needed.


Some are wondering … hmm … should we find a use for God’s dung?


Should we dispose of it? And, if so, HOW?


OR … should we just leave it be. And, see what happens?

Cristo Redentor - Rio de Janeiro  - Brasil

Only one thing is certain. Life here on Earth will NEVER be the SAME now that the primary debate has been settled.

Perhaps now we can move on and address some more pertinent issues. Or … will we just fight over this shit forever? If other nations come forth and say, “Hey, we want some of that shit! What makes you think God doesn’t just have bad aim and wanted it to land somewhere else??”

Will we be willing to share? Will we be willing to give our lives … defending God’s bowel movement?


(Sorry, no pic of a giant pile of divine dung for those who were waiting for that.)