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So, he’s done some good work. So what??

Mountains-mountains-and-waterfalls-9040096-1920-1080I am a dependent animal. I was born helpless. I need to be held. I don’t care how many mountains and oceans He’s made — I’ve never received so much as a fist bump let alone a hug.


Remember when he did this shit to Adam!? Messed UP! I mean … Adam was a douche … but, can you blame him with a dad like that!? Those kiss-ass angels didn’t need his love! We did!

Being abandoned makes human beings prone to …

Higher cortisol levels — which causes learning disabilities (faith).
Lower self-worth (faith).
Distrust towards others human beings (faith?).

Faith my ASS! I’m taking my BRAIN BACK!

So, God is this Great, Famous artist — GOOD FOR HIM.

When I’m feeling alone, I’m leaning on my FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS. He might have turned us into a bunch of intellectually stagnant, emotional disasters who occasionally can’t tell a butt plug from a grenade — but, you know what!? Still got a better track record than that self-important sack of shit. What the hell am I capitalizing his pronouns for? Enough. What!? I’m sorry. I’m done with the whole self-pitying, orphan thing … I’m done being upset about it and done wondering whether or not he ever existed in the first place.