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The 1940's in the 2040's

800px-It's_A_Wonderful_LifeA futuristic living room. Ricky, boy, 7, busts through the front door …

Ricky  Dad, dad …

Ned  Woah, hey little one, what are you so excited about?

Ricky  Something I learned today!

Martha  Well, come on, Ricky, sit down and tell us about it. I’m interested, too.

Ricky  Sorry, I saw dad in the window from outside; I would have been just as eager to yell “mom” had I seen you first.

Martha I know you would’ve, Ricky. Go on, now — before you lose your enthusiasm!

Ricky  I learned about this guy Guantanamo Buddhist

NedGuatama Buddha. A Buddhist is someone who follows his teachings.

Martha  Yes, darling, Guantanamo is where the prison for bad children is.

Ned  Sweetheart

Martha  It’s where Santa tortures them until they tattle on their friends.

Ned  Darling!!

Ricky  Don’t worry, dad, I…

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