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The 1940's in the 2040's

Futuristic looking bedroom.

Barb   So, I suppose now you expect we’re going to do something, do you?

Steve   I’m not expecting anything, Barb. I just want to learn about you. I’m interested in how you process information.

Barb   Yeah, and what would make me so much more interesting than anyone else — regardless of how I filter the world?

Steve  I don’t know. That’s what I’m eager to find out.

Barb   Eager, yes, you are an eager beaver. But, tell me, Steve — what types of data are you interested in hearing how I process? You want to know about how I organize my shoes, my important paperwork …

Steve  Yes, okay … what type of paperwork do you hold onto?

Barb   I don’t hold onto any paperwork, you fool, anyone who is still sending paperwork deserves a shoe…

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