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I discovered this voracious, little, OCD trickster in the same dense, Middle American forest as the dinosaur. Again, I simply CANNOT disclose the location of this hidden camera. He is fascinated by the lens, and human footsteps would certainly make him scurry off — to then DEVOUR any soul which nears his mouth. Yes. Yes. Definitely. Besides, even Satan is a creature of God’s nature — and needs to be cherished and NOT disturbed. So too do my discoveries 🙂 Shhhhhh. You will wake him.

“Yummy, human souls.”

“I fear you not.”

“I may scurry when you near.”

“But only to run & get a beer.”

“To wash you down with.”

“Mmm …”

(Check out some Science-type CRAP. Boo! Hiss!)