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khFuturistic looking kitchen.

EDNA, a fast-talking dame, leans back up against the futuristic looking refrigerator … biting her nails in-between lines. DARYL is sitting on the futuristic looking island.

Edna    I tell you what, Daryl, I don’t know … you’re almost sounding like … like you believe in something.

Daryl   What the hell did you just say to me?

Edna    I think you’re getting soft. You’re not the man I married. The man I married promised me no guarantees.

Daryl   Edna, I …

Edna   You said, “I … Daryl Swashbuckler take ye Edna Tippingale …

Daryl   I didn’t say “ye” … you’re over-commiting to the moment …

Edna   Oh, screw you, Daryl, so, you said “you“! You said … “I … Daryl Swashbuckler take you Edna Tippingale … and, I promise you no guarantees.”

Daryl   Well …

Edna   You promised me no guarantees.

Daryl   I’m not really breaking that promise.

Edna   You promised me no guarantees, Daryl. It’s not about the semantics of the fucking language — you know that. You son of a bitch.

Daryl   I still promise you no guarantees, Edna.

Edna    Bullshit, Daryl. You know as well as I do — the words were meaningless in themselves … what was significant was that you knew damn well how they made me feel.

Daryl   How did they make you feel?

Edna   Screw you, Daryl! Screw you!

Daryl   I’m just making sure nothing has changed … that you still think that they made you feel how you thought they made you feel back then.

Edna   The same … you son of a bitch. The same.

Daryl   Edna … you know … what happens to memories when we recall them. Are you sure that you want to stick with that?

Edna   I …

Daryl decides to hop down off the island and approach his wife.

Daryl   Edna … stop crying … look at me directly, directly in the eyes, Edna. Edna, you don’t know shit. Nothing in life is certain. It wasn’t then. It isn’t now. And, it never shall be.

Edna    Oh, Daryl … that’s the man I married. You even busted out the “shall” on me.

They kiss, of course.