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Thank You, Robin Coyle. I liked your blog recently and am borrowing this image. People can click on it if they want.

1.) Words are not as precise as numbers.

While this makes life a lot more suspenseful and interesting … it leads to arguments instead of agreements.

Words Person 1: Holy shit, did you see that bird — it was diving faster than an f14!

Words Person 2: F14!? No way!

Words Person 1: I’m just saying, that sucker was diving fast!

Words Person 2:  Yeah, but an f14 — that’s ridiculous. Maybe like twice the speed of a cheetah.

Words Person 1: Cheetah’s can’t fly!

Words Person 2: Still … it’s better than comparing it to an f14! I don’t think the thing was moving faster than 1500 miles per hour, you idiot!

Words Person 1: Well you are delusional! When did you ever see a Cheetah take a nose dive off of a 22 story apartment building!?

Words Person 2: Building — who said anything — 22 stories? Our apartment has 22 stories! You getting ideas!?

Math Kid: 519,213 feet per second.

Words Person 1: What did that kid say, honey?

Words Person 2: I don’t know. Is that our kid? Let’s take it up to the roof and hold it off the side until it explains itself!

Well, perhaps it’s not the words, but the ears, the mouths and the eyes (can you make out this yellar word?) which cause the trouble. At least, in the silly little world depicted above. Written above. Explained above? At least … that’s the way it sounds when you, when we listen to, or read these two characters, which I … wrote for you to enjoy, purely for amusement purposes. 

Oh yeah … which one did you think was the mommy and which one was the daddy?