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“The human brain stores factual knowledge about the world in a relational manner. That is, an item is stored in relation to other items, and its meaning is BrainBugsPbkWebderived from the items to which it is associated. In a way, this relational structure is mirrored in the World Wide Web. As with many complex systems we can think of the World Wide Web as a network of many nodes (Web pages or Web sites), each of which interacts (links) in some way with a subset of others … A Web site about soccer will have links to other related Web sites, teams around the world, recent scores, and other sports, and it is pretty unlikely to have links about origami or hydroponics.”

Dean Buonomano, Brain Bugs

hurly_Image15“Do you ever have that experience where your thoughts are like these totally separate, totally self-sustaining phone booths and there’s like this vast uninhabited shopping mall in your head? Do you ever have that experience?”

Eddie, Hurlyburly