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“If you need an apology, then put in on my tab … I bleed for your mythology, and I’ve got nothing left.”

PISTOSI  Sophie, why would you do that!? Why would you do that — what difference, what difference does it make — now!?

SOPHIE  Because, “the earth is the moon” — you’ve heard that one before, haven’t you?

PISTOSI Yes, they accused Anaxagoras of teaching the same thing.

SOPHIE  It was too ridiculous to just stand there.

PISTOSI  Perhaps, but those men you chose were 3 and all 3 times your size.

SOPHIE  Thirty minae. Hahaha. Socrates is funny.

PISTOSI  That was good. I will give him that, but you

SOPHIE    The reaction of those judges was worth my entire life.

PISTOSI  No it wasn’t!

SOPHIE   Sure it was.

PISTOSI  They don’t even know what you have done, and if they did they wouldn’t care!

SOPHIE  Perhaps not. But the wives of those 3 men were watching.

PISTOSI  You think your act is going to give them courage!? They will only call you a fool!

SOPHIE  They probably will. But, they will feel me a hero.

PISTOSI  What!? They most certainly will not!

SOPHIE  Pistosi. Stop shouting. And, let me die with my lie  — if I’d like.

PISTOSI What difference does it make if I honor your wishes!?

SOPHIE  It makes a difference to me.

PISTOSI  Well, your opinion is not going to mean anything soon!?

SOPHIE  Quiet.

PISTOSI  You stupid mortal! Imbecile. Human imbecile. If there were a Hades, I would wish you on your way.

SOPHIE No, you wouldn’t. You will probably beg the air for my return, you fake.

PISTOSI  Why have you done this!?

SOPHIE  Sorry … for you.

PISTOSI  What? What!? Sophie!? You idiot. Sophie!?

1.) Drunken Women Dancing On A Hill