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I’m starting with a couple (may add to it later), but if anyone would like to add to the list, please comment. I will edit this post and give you credit.

1.) “It is what it is.” 

Does this phrase aggravate anyone else? I think it’s defeatist and quietist.

2.) “Theory”

Why would we use the same word for something proven and something unproven? Does anyone else see where this causes problems (evolution)?

3.) “Faith”

Thank you, David Yerle.

4.) “Everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

I’m adding this. It’s true, of course. But, it also encourages us (myself included) to express opinions based on tenuous information.

5.) “Irony”

Thank you, funnyphilosopher.

6.) “Literally”

Thank you, funnyphilosopher.

7.) “You know what I’m saying?”

Thank you, R.L. Culpepper.

8.) “The point is …”

R.L. made me think of this one. Not quite as annoying when used in moderation, but when used at the beginning of each new thought … one can’t help but wonder if the person knows what the point is.

9.) “Evolutionist”

Thank you, R.L. Culpepper.

10.) “Darwinism”

I suppose we would need to include this, too.

11.) “Curiosity killed the cat.”

No it didn’t. It choked on a hairball.

12.) “Everything Happens For A Reason.”

It sure does — for the exact reason we give it.

13.) “Bless you.” 

Thank you, sleekadvantage.