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PISTOSI   Veltiosi …?


PISTOSI   Did you hear that they kicked Anaxagoras out of Athens?


PISTOSI   Since that “Our Religion Or Else” law was passed … I thought you liked me to keep you current, old man?

VELTIOSI  I do, I do. So, why did they run him off?

PISTOSI  They accused him of teaching that the moon was earth.

VELTIOSI  How could the moon be earth? Anaxagoras. Another idiot, eh?

PISTOSI  Yes and no. He wasn’t teaching that. It must’ve been the most incredible thing that they could think of — that sounded close enough to something he might’ve said. What’s wrong with you?

VELTIOSI  What’s wrong with me is I was not born into wine or olives. I was born into grain.

PISTOSI  Wine and olives. Those are profitable.

VELTIOSI   But, they are expensive to grow.

PISTOSI  What does that have to do with you?

VELTIOSI  Are you kidding me, Pistosi?


VELTIOSI  I’ve been trying to grow grapes and olives for ten years. I’m complaining about it all the time.

PISTOSI  Sorry, you know me, not good with details about people.

VELTIOSI   I have three times more debt than worth.

PISTOSI   Is there something I can do?

VELTIOSI  Kill me before someone else does.

PISTOSI  Veltiosi, I’ve never killed a man, and I’m not going to kill one of the few friends I’ve ever had.

VELTIOSI  Please. I’d rather be killed by the hands of an apathetic immortal than by some over-zealous man.

PISTOSI  Do you realize that I’d have to live with your blood on my hands for the rest of my life … which as far as I know will be never-ending?

VELTIOSI  You could wash them. You dirty, shit-eating boar.