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Fellow Mortals,

I am not on a quest to prove my personal, intellectual superiority. I would end up looking quite silly, if I tried to do that. I don’t know enough. I don’t retain enough. I am perilously human.

However, I may be on a mission to juxtapose more exceptional humans. Beings who are capable of articulating themselves better than I, please join me in giving a rough, cold farewell to heaven, hell and any other other reward or punishment which cannot be received prior to death.

If we don’t believe we can do it: we will not.

While I am alarmed by credulity, caprice, superstition and delusion … do we not have to decide this one thing, if we are to sound the alarm and take responsibility for our species — and all the other species which we have so readily deemed ourselves superior?

A question is: who is “fair game” (for lack of a better expression)? It may be important to decide where to focus our efforts. My humble opinion is that we each strive to make the best of every second (which, I’m sure, we are already doing), and I don’t think picking on private beliefs is an appropriate use of our time. So, I say, aim your horns where they will be most felt and/or heard.

Stay honest and humble and stick to the things you can prove with credible research. But, be confident enough to engage. 

Humbly & Optimistically,