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Alma means “jump” or “saltation” — a jump in the evolutionary process. 

ALMA   Merthes! Shanyathorn! Phlemzere!

TIPOTA  Are you skipping?

ALMA   I’m creating people!

TIPOTA   Obviously. I was just curious why a grown person might be … never mind, don’t let me interrupt you.

ALMA   I don’t need your permission, but thanks — Shomnides! Comastilus!

TIPOTA   You would need my permission, if I were an easily threatened personcircling me and yelling like that.

ALMA   All things are spherical like this … this pattern that I’m making around you.

TIPOTA  No, I don’t see. But, you seem to be having fun, and I can’t argue that you’re hurting anyone … as bothersome as you may be. So, I guess I can’t decide to physically stop you.

ALMA   Sharpenia! Skipsoles!

TIPOTA   Skip-soul-leez? Ok, now, I’m not sure why, but, I’m going to have to ask you to stop.

ALMA   You don’t have to. I’m tired.

TIPOTA   Good. So, what did you say you thought you were doing?

ALMA   I was creating people and the circle of life around you.

TIPOTA   Why me?

ALMA   You were just standing here, a nobody, not doing anything.

TIPOTA   Fair enough, but did you say you were creating people?

ALMA   “The thing that can be thought and that for the sake of which the thought exists is the same; for you cannot find thought without something that is, as to which it is uttered.”

TIPOTA   Oh, shit … shit

ALMA   Are you alright, sir?

TIPOTA   I don’t know, if I can take this anymore … shit

ALMA   Come, I shall introduce you to Parmenides … he will show you “the way” of truth, and you shall feel better.

TIPOTA   No, no, I definitely don’t want to see him, that would be torture being around someone like that, oh … what one person cannot do is intolerable … shit, I’m getting hot

ALMA   Hot? You would be more correct in saying that you are not cold — your new feeling does not exist separately from your …

TIPOTA   I haven’t felt this bad in 200 years.

ALMA   Do you think you immortal, boy?

TIPOTA   I’d love to get distracted wondering why you just felt the need to call me “boy”

ALMA   Because, you complain like a child.

TIPOTA   Right … but let’s focus on what you said right before thatIf I can without fainting

ALMA   If you do, I will revive you with a moon berry smear on your lip.

TIPOTA  Did you just make that up?

ALMA   I created it.

TIPOTA   Ok! You said: immortal … if I thought I were immortal … would that make me immortal? In your mind?

ALMA   You are not immortal, boy … you are more childish than I thought.

TIPOTA   Which, apparently would make that true.

ALMA   Yes. Double true.

TIPOTA   Double true? Something can be twice as true as something that is true?

ALMA   For, I thought it AND spoke it.

TIPOTA   Ok, then I AM immortal. I am. Did you know that?

ALMA   You … are a drunk.

TIPOTA   Most of the time … you would be too, if you couldn’t die.

ALMA   I cannot die, boy, but not in the way that you mean. Alma as you know him will die, but that which makes Alma will never change.

TIPOTA   I cannot find the words to explain it … but … I … just think that this is the beginning of something really bad.

ALMA   Hah! If you were a god — you would have the words! You would have the words, and I would know your name.

TIPOTA  Why? Why would you need to know my name? You could just call me immortal nobody … if you knew the truth, the way, the way to the truth

ALMA   “Of” the truth.

TIPOTA   … you would know that “immortal nobody” referred to me without giving me a “name” … We have to have a “name” for everything … it’s not, it’s not necessary …

ALMA   “Though canst not know what is not —  that is impossible — nor utter it; for it is the same thing that can be thought and that can be.”

TIPOTA   What!? Do you have any idea how many …? How many years …? How many, how many people …?

ALMA   I can make you a moon berry smear, now, you don’t have to faint for it.

TIPOTA   If you could make that, I would love some. Could you?

ALMA   Would you like some?

TIPOTA   Yes, please. Please go make it for me, Alma. Nothing could satisfy me more than a berry smear from the moon.

ALMA   Alright, I will.

TIPOTA   What are you standing there, looking around — thinking? Go.

ALMA  I’m creating.

TIPOTA   Right.

ALMA   Here you are, sir.

TIPOTA  What? You grab a handful of dirt? That’s —

ALMA (smearing the moon berry smear on Tipota’s lip)   Here … you are … boy. Good?

TIPOTA   You were right, Alma, it tastes exactly like what I thought your moon berry smear would taste like.